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Gerbils are great pets to have. They are very inquisitive, playful, and fun to watch. One great

thing about gerbils is that they are easy to tame and rarely bite which makes them a good pet for kids ages 9 and up. You only have to clean the cage every 1 or 2 weeks because they are not like other animals that make the cage very messy. Gerbils do not sleep all day instead they take naps and play a little in the day and at night. NEVER pick a gerbil up by it's tail or the gerbil's sensitive tail will come right off causing your poor little gerbil lots of pain. Gerbils do best in pairs of the same sex because they are highly sociable animals and will be happier living in a pair. If you can't find gerbils from the same litter make sure that they are both young and introduce them slowly. They will usually live between 2 and a half to 5 years. Make sure that if your gerbil is sick or it has any unusual behavior take it to the vet because your pet's life is important. Hold your gerbil every day and soon it will bond with you. Did you know that when it looks like your gerbils are kissing they are just trying to reconize eachother by the taste of saliva. If your gerbil is curious he will stand up on his hind legs and look around making him look like a meerakat. If your gerbil is nervous and senses danger it will thump it's hind legs to warn any other gerbils about the danger. Always make sure your gerbil has enough food and water and give it lots of TLC.