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Sometimes in the beginning gerbils are very hyper and hard to tame. But you can tame your gerbil by holding it every day. If you want to gain your gerbil's trust you should let them take pieces of their favorite food from your hands. When your gerbil is sleeping before you try to pick it up make a tapping noise to wake it up or otherwise if you grab when it's asleep you may frighten it and it might bite you. If your gerbil trys to bite you in the cage scoop it up in something like a toilet paper tube and dump it on your hand. Usually your gerbil won't when it's on your hand but if it does where gloves until you and your gerbil are comfortable with eachother. When your gerbil bites you don't drop it because when your gerbil bites you that's what it wants you to do so it will bite you every time you hold. Instead of dropping set it in the cage. Also when your gerbil bites you blow on it's face because it will soon learn that biting = bad feeling. Hold your gerbil every day and soon you'll be close friends. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!